Promoting Professional Volunteer Resource Management


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KAAAV Members may request to post updates based on the
Email and Website guidelines. Updates may take up to 5 business days.

Check for updates on member activities, workshops, training
sessions, job jostings and other updates.
To submit Website updates contact Eleonor Egidio

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KAAAV has started a Facebook page and will be assessing if it is a useful tool for our membership. Please join us at www.facebook.com/kaaav.org. If you are not on Facebook, because it is a public page, you can still view it but you won’t be able to like or share posts, make comments and you will not get a notification when there is a new post. etc. There may be people who are not KAAAV members who would like to join so share where you think it is appropriate. If you have any suggestions or comments about the page, email Eleonor at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Monthly Meeting Dates

  • Meetings start at 9 A.M. unless otherwise noted
  • All meetings for 2018 are at the Boys & Girls Club of Kingston, 1300 Bath Rd. (Frontenac Mall)
Wednesday 24 January
Screening Beyond Police Checks
Thursday, 22 February

LGBTQ and Inclusion in Volunteer

Wednesday 21 March
Volunteer Recognition
Thursday 26 April
Social Media in Promotion and Communication with Volunteers 
Wednesday, 23 May
Volunteer Management Courses and Certification Options


Key Dates

International Volunteer Managers Day, 5 November 2018


UN International Volunteer Day  5 December 2018


National Volunteer Week, 15-21 April, 2018


PAVR-O Conference,  3-4 May, 2018


VMPC Conference  30 May-1 June