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Volunteer Management Professionals of Canada


Formerly called CAVR and rebranded in 2014.Volunteer Management Professionals of Canada is the champion in the field of Volunteer Management. Dedicated to advocacy, capacity building and networking, it connects and empowers a network of professionals and passionately elevates the quality of volunteerism in Canada.

VMPC collaborates with provincial, national and international organizations to support its membership and strives for volunteer resources management to be recognized and respected as a leading profession of choice.

CharityVillagelogo http://charityvillage.com

Online community focused on careers, work life, and human resources issues in and around the social profit sector. Site connects you to great work, ideas, opportunities, and each other.
 www.energizeinc http://www.energizeinc.com

Energize has been on the Web since 1997. Connects leaders of volunteers with resources, information and ideas generated from around the world.
 www.imaginecanada http://www.imaginecanada.ca

A national charitable organization whose cause is Canada’s charities and nonprofits. They support and strengthen charities and nonprofits so they can, in turn, support the Canadians and communities they serve.
our shared resources http://www.oursharedresources.com

Is a free service where those who work in the field of volunteer management will be able to add useful resources and others in the field will be able to access them. With many people contributing a little we avoid re-inventing the wheel time and time again.
 HR Council


Incorporated as a nonprofit from 2005 to 2013, the HR Council for the Nonprofit Sector (HR Council) took action on nonprofit labour force issues. As a catalyst, the HR Council sparked awareness and action on labour force issues. As a convenor, it brought together people, information and ideas in the spirit of collaborative action. As a research instigator it built knowledge and improved the sectors understanding of the nonprofit labour force.

Here is the direct link to the National Occupational Standards for Managers of Volunteer Resources.

banner for PAVRO http://www.pavro.on.ca

PAVR-O (in its pursuit of excellence) builds individual, organizational and community capacity to effectively engage volunteers through the professional management of volunteer resources.
 www.worldvolunteerweb http://www.worldvolunteerweb.org

WVB brought to you by the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme. World Volunteer Web supports the volunteer community by serving as a global clearinghouse for information and resources linked to volunteerism that can be used for campaigning, advocacy and networking.
volunteer http://volunteer.ca

Volunteer Canada is the national voice for volunteerism in Canada. Since 1977, they have been committed to increasing and supporting volunteerism and civic participation through ongoing programs, special projects, national initiatives, resource development and by engaging in research and training across the country.


Use these sites and pages to help you get going with your nonprofit venture. Find planning tools to help you set goals, and sound advice to help you figure out how to achieve them. You’ll also find lots of important information about everything from creating your board of directors to filing all the right tax papers.




Monthly Meeting Dates

  • Meetings start at 9 A.M. unless otherwise noted
  • All regular meetings for 2020 are at the Boys & Girls Club of Kingston, 1300 Bath Rd. (Frontenac Mall)
Thursday 16 January
Planning for Volunteer Orientation and Training
Wednesday 12 February
Engaging Volunteer Mentors: Opening Doors & Building Community
Thursday 26 March
Using Technology
Wednesday 15 April
Taming the Overwhelm Dragon
Thursday, 21 May 
PAVR-O Conference Updates









Key Dates

International Volunteer Managers Day  5 November, 2020


UN International Volunteer Day  5 December, 2020


National Volunteer Week  19 - 25 April, 2020


PAVRO Conference 13 - 15 May, 2020 in Toronto


VMPC  Conference 8-10 June, 2020 in Saskatoon