Promoting Professional Volunteer Resource Management

There are two master binders that are of historical importance to KAAAV containing agendas, minutes, and treasurer’s reports from general membership meetings, executive committee meetings and the annual general meeting (AGM). 

Location of Binders 
At the beginning of a new term, binders are given to the President and the Secretary.  It is their responsibility to keep their binders up-to-date. Each binder should contain: 
• General meetings:  agendas and minutes 
• Executive meetings:  agendas and minutes 
• AGM:  agenda and minutes 
• Annual Report 
• Copies of Constitution and By-laws 
• Treasurer’s reports; including final audited report 
• A copy of the current KAAAV brochure 
• A copy of special event flyers 
• Basic information on special events sponsored by KAAAV where payment was required (e.g., ads, registration form 
   and summaries) 
• A copy of the final version of the 2006 Strategic Plan 
• Any reports sent to a meeting where the information is not contained in the final version of meeting’s minutes 
• Membership list up to 10 years previous (secretary for internal use only) 


Binders are kept by the Events, Education, Bursary and ad hoc committee chairs.  These binders contain agendas, 
minutes, and treasurer’s reports of committee chair’s meetings and correspondence that would be useful to new 
committee chair.  Documents that contain information regarding funds or registration fees are to be kept. 

•  Copy of report for AGM 
•  International Volunteer Managers’ Day information 
•   All correspondence sent on behalf of KAAAV such as letters, ads, articles etc. 

•  Copy of report for AGM 
•  Copy of new member package 
•  All correspondence sent on behalf of KAAAV such as letters, ads, articles etc. 
•  International Volunteer Managers’ Day information 

Electronic versions of documents: 
• Keep a copy of all final version of documents produced by KAAAV 
• Delete earlier versions of documents after two years 

Document versions: 
• Ensure the president has an electronic copy of the final version of minutes from meetings 

• The secretary is the only person who should distribute the meeting notices, minutes, and reports for the general 
   and executive meetings, and the AGM to the membership at large. 

Member information handouts: 
• Keep a hard copy of handouts for meetings other than agendas, minutes and reports, (e.g., flyers, announcements, 
• Destroy earlier versions of handouts after two years, so that a total of no more than one year of handouts is kept in 
   the binder at any time. 

Previous secretary’s records:
The outgoing secretary makes two backup copies of KAAAV material from his/her computer, one for the new secretary 
and one for the current president.  These files will be deleted from the computer by the new secretary at the end of the 
year.  The backup copies are to be clearly labeled as to content and shall include:  
• Emails sent 
• Final versions of documents 
• Agendas, minutes, and reports 
• Membership lists 

• Keeps and maintains an accurate and up-to-date record of all receipts and expenditures 
• Keeps and maintains accurate records of all transactions in the official KAAAV ledger to pass on to the next treasurer 
• Copy of the detailed financial report submitted at the AGM  
• Keep financial statements from the bank, receipts and any financial statements for seven years 
• Keep a copy of financial reports prepared for meetings for seven years 
• Keep minutes of meeting for two years 

Education, Special Event, Bursary, and Ad Hoc Chairs
Each committee chair should keep a binder which includes: 
• All committee reports 
• Documentation of  activities (e.g., minutes of any meetings, reports, activities, and relevant emails) 
• Forms they have developed or modified 
• Keep records related to the committee’s work for five years
These binders and materials are to be handed over to the next committee chairs within six weeks of the AGM. 

Website Coordinator 
• Keeps and maintains information current on the website 
• Deletes information removed from the website after two years, these are not archivist files 
• Relevant information for the next website coordinator is to be kept in hard copy form and handed over within 
   six weeks of change of office 

KAAAV Executive 

Electronic files: 
• Keep a backup of all electronic files (e.g., agendas, minutes, emails, reports and information on major events) 
   in the most current software.  When committee chairs are passing on information, provide both a hard copy and 
   electronic version of documents to the new committee chairs 

Older document software versions: 
• If an older document is to be kept, but exists only as a hard copy it will be scanned in the current format and stored 
   (e.g., PDF, JPEG, etc.)

Developed June 2009

Monthly Meeting Dates

  • Meetings start at 9 A.M. unless otherwise noted
  • Regular meetings for 2023-2024 will be a mix of in person and on Zoom. You can also join in person meetings on Zoom and we will have a meeting Owl. For topics check out monthly meetings in the Events tab. 
Thursday, September 14, 2023 (in person)
Thursday, October 12, 2023 (on Zoom) 
Wednesday, November 8, 2023 (in person)
Thursday, December 14, 2023 (on Zoom)









Key Dates

International Volunteer Managers Day  5 November, 2023


UN International Volunteer Day  5 December, 2023


National Volunteer Week  16 - 22 April, 2023


PAVRO Conference May 11-12, 2023


VMPC  Conference TBD